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Oryan in Suzhou China (2017)

Originally from the Pacific Northwest where he once competed on a downhill ski team, Oryan later studied Philosophy at Arizona State University before switching to Theater and Mass Communication and graduating Summa Cum Laude.

After graduation, Oryan briefly taught high school English before turning his attention back to acting. He first found roles in TV & film in Texas and the Southeast, but after a summer program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan he decided to make New York City his home.

Behind the camera, Oryan has been a casting assistant on such films as Avatar 2 & 3 from James Cameron, and Song to Song from Terrence Malick.

Outside of acting, Oryan spent over a year studying in French-Speaking Belgium, spent 6 months teaching English in China, and has volunteered with The Miracle Foundation in India. 

While pursuing acting, Oryan continued working in education - teaching everything from Kindergarten, to high school, to community college classes - as well as substitute teaching in New York City. 

Oryan in Tamil Nadu, India (2014)

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