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Oryan Landa (pronounced "O'Ryan") is an American film, TV, theater, commercial and voice actor based in New York City.

Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he attended college at Arizona State University where he first studied Philosophy and Humanities before switching to Theater and Mass Communication and graduating Summa Cum Laude. After graduation, Oryan found roles in TV and film in Texas and the Southeast - while studying privately and continuing to develop his craft - before doing a summer program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan at which point he decided to make New York City his next home.

Outside of acting, Oryan spent over a year studying in French-Speaking Belgium, spent 6 months teaching English to children in China, and has volunteered with The Miracle Foundation in India.

Life Resume


- Volunteered in India
- Spent 6 months teaching in China
- Was an exchange student in Belgium (1 year)
- Has visited 20+ countries


- Spent 7 months driving around perimeter of the U.S.
- Numerous solo road trips crisscrossing the U.S. (E&W, N&S)
- Has been to every state but W Virginia
- Has lived in WA, ID, OR, AZ, TX, & NY

Sports / Adventure

- Swam with dolphins in Cancun
- Went SCUBA diving in Hawaii
- Has been skydiving twice
- Rock climbed Chimney Rock (400 ft) in ID
- Has skied at numerous resorts in ID, WA, MT, UT, and Canada, and briefly competed on a ski racing team.
- Played Football, Baseball and Wrestling growing up (sprinting and pole vaulting)


- Spent 11th grade in Liege, Belgium as an exchange student

- Spent 12th grade at Eastern Washington University (Running Start)
- Spent Freshman year of college at Western Washington University
- Studied Philosophy, Humanities and Religious Studies before switching to Theater and Mass Comm. 
- Graduated Summa Cum Laude (3.96) from Arizona State University


Work History

- Resort Maintenance Crew
- Dishwasher
- Prep Cook
- Pizza Delivery Driver
- Retail Department Mngr
- Starbucks Barista, Shift Lead

- Substitute Teacher (Texas)

- Barnes & Noble Bookseller
- Borders Bookseller

- High School Teacher (English, ESL)

- High School Wrestling Coach

- High School Associate Theater Director 

- College ESL / Civis Teacher

- Teacher Trainer / Classroom Coach

- Kindergarten English Teacher - China

- Actor: Commercials

- Actor: Voice Overs
- Actor: TV
- Actor: Film

- Actor: Theater

- Event Staffing / Catering Crew (NYC)
- Substitute Teacher (NYC)
- High School Drama Teacher (NYC)