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Hey all! Oryan here (pronounced O'Ryan).
I'm a Theater-trained actor based in New York City working across all mediums.

And what have I been getting pinned for lately?
Everything from assassins, to a professor cheating on his wife with a student, to a 90's era music producer, to an 80's era club owner, to a French speaking villain, to small-town workers and mysterious criminals....

Mostly characters described as 
blue-collar, layered (perhaps mysterious), independent, capable, smart - and who often (but not always) have a quality of "warmth", which is sometimes genuine and sometimes hiding a deeper secret or ulterior motive.

And with over 60 auditions so far in 2021 (including six for the same series on CBS), it's been a busy year - 


Booked in 2021!


Originally from Washington State - where he grew up on a farm, and his first passions in life were snow skiing and rock climbing - Oryan started doing commercials while in high school, but discovered a passion for Theater during his Freshman year of college. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor's degree in Drama and Media Studies from Arizona State University.

After college he got his start in Austin's independent film scene while teaching high school English and Theater, but made the move to New York City after a summer program at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan.

Outside of acting, Oryan has done everything from working as a casting assistant for Terrence Malick, to teaching English in China, to volunteering at an orphanage in India, to spending a year in French-speaking Belgium, to running his own business selling pre-prepared meals, to teaching acting to children and teenagers, and 
working as an on-set teacher in TV and film.